2024 eclipse timelapse by Ashley Lian

Art from the digital eye and digital mind.

Piercing the Veil


Ronin is an image processing and graphic design tool which interprets a dialect of Lisp to automate simple graphical tasks like exporting, resizing, and generating procedural imagery. For each image a deem worthy of showcasing here, I will link to the accompanying .lisp script so you may easily copy, repurpose, and build upon it.

Saturn's Hexagon
Trifid Nebula
leaves color palette
Leaves in Autum.
black and white lights
Black and white lights.
leaves ultra-low-res
Ultra-low-res leaves in Autum.
leaves color palette
Happy SV(alentine's)G Day
5 min with Ronin
5 Minutes with Ronin.

Image Sources

Ronin Techniques

Ronin calls for import and saturation

(import $path)
(pixels fn ~q ~rect)

(def {name} {val})

(fill ~shape {color})

The Ronin call: (saturation pixel q) does something unknown. 
Maybe gets saturation quantity at pixel? Changes sat of one pixel?