2024 eclipse timelapse by Ashley Lian

Webpage about webpages on this website

At the side of each page, you have access to the nav-bar. Your current location is marked with > and some shading.

Throughout the site, text that contains links to other internal site pages or external sites are marked with curly brackets.

BASH helper commands. Througout my development of this blog I've come across several image manipulation BASH commands that are exceedingly helpful.

BASH commandEffect
sips -Z {pixels} {image file}Scales image file such that the maximum dimension is pixels.
sips -s format {format} -s \
formatOptions 70 {image file} \
--out {new image}
Converts image file into new format (gif, png, heic, jpeg) and saves as new file.
convert {+,-}append *.png out.pngStacks images horizontally (+) or vertically (-) and saves as new image.
convert -resize 20% -delay 20 -loop 0 *.jpg myimage.gifCreates a looping gif with 20ms delay between 20% smaller frames.
youtube-dl -x --audio-format mp3 https://www.youtube.com/{video-extension}extracts audio from any youtube video and saves in mp3 format.

The following is a list of many things you can create on this webpage, feel free to use this page source as a reference. Rip it into your own website if you'd like. The git repository for the entire site can be found here.

h1 Heading

h2 Heading

h3 Heading

h4 Heading

h5 Heading
internal link external link
Some code using "pre".
A figure and its caption.
Figures can "float" to the right of text and other elements
A quote by someone. Citation

Text that can be bold and emphasized.

A TableWith Border 1
A TableWith Border 4