2024 eclipse timelapse by Ashley Lian

I originally began this website as a means to make a more permanent mark on the world. I was finding that my fleeting interests and even more substantial hobbies came and went with nothing to show other than slowly fading memories. I figured that writing things down in combination with learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript would be a fun endeavor: no expectations, no deadlines, just record keepings and developing new skills.

And so, this loosely bundled assortment of files exists as a dynamic document where I can track my life, scientific and computational interests, and what I do for fun. Yearly reflections will serve as an evaluation of my status as a experiential force in the universe.

slewis.wiki is hosted via GitHub Pages and is built using my own custom static site generator, Astrea. The domain name was purchased via Hover and was linked to these hosted files following this guide by Nicky Marino. The site is written in HTML and CSS and is designed to be as lightweight and fast as possible. The site is also designed to be as accessible as possible, with a focus on semantic HTML and minimal JavaScript.

While you are here, you can learn a little bit more about myself and how this repository operates.